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Calendar Integration FAQ
Frequently asked questions about our calendar integration

Calendar Integration FAQ

Updated on
March 2, 2022

When setting up a customer interview study, it is possible to connect your Google or Outlook calendar in order to automatically take bookings and manage availability. Here are some common questions about this integration.

When I updated my underlying calendar by the scheduling page hasn’t updated, what’s going on?

As the scheduling pages rely on complex API integrations it can take a few minutes for your availability to update. Please give it up to ten minutes to update. If it still hasn’t updating, please contact support.

Can I ignore specific events on my calendar?

Yes. When previewing a particular event on your calendar you can update it to be "Free" instead of "Busy". This will now make that specific timeslot available on your scheduling page.

Can I set specific available times that differ week to week?

No.  Unfortunately time slots are based on a weekly recurring schedule. Anything available one week, will be available the next. We are actively working on solutions to this to be released late 2021.

Can I include my team on the bookings made by candidates?

Yes. Any team member who is added to a study can be added to an internal calendar event which mirrors the same event that you and the candidate have. The candidate however will only be at an event with the owner of the study.

Can I preview my entire team’s availability when setting up a booking calendar?

This is an upcoming feature. Any calendars that GQ has access to, either directly from your connected accounts, or connected accounts of your team mates, will soon be available to be previewed when setting up a calendar.

Can I have a calendar on a study that only offers slots for booking that are available on multiple calendars?

It is currently not possible to enforce availability across calendars that you do not personally have access to - even if those team members have connected their calendar to GQ. However any calendars that you personally have access to can be used.

Can I create scheduling pages for calendars that I only have read access to?

Right now, no, however this is an upcoming feature. Soon, scheduling pages will be able to be built for any calendar that your calendar integration has access to, regardless of whether it is read only or not.

Can I set whether my teammates are required to attend the booked event?

Right now, all attendees on the team event are marked as required. Soon however, it will be possible to set whether the team mates on a study will be marked as required or optional. Note, this will not enforce or consider their availability when the candidate is making the booking.

Can I round robin bookings across team mates?

This not currently possible but will be released in Q3 2021. When configuring your calendar it will be possible to set all team mates (who have connected their calendars) who can be considered as ‘moderators’ of the booked events. There will be two options here - maximise availability and maximise fairness. Note, slots that are available on any team mates calendars will be available for booking.

Can I completely ignore my availability when setting up a calendar?

To be released: August 2021.  If you want to make all of your time slots available for booking, you can disregard all of the events on your calendar.

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