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Updated on
April 14, 2022

April 11, 2022

❓Question Bank ❓

  • Question history now available for all accounts when building surveys/screeners

🔰 Salesforce Beta 🔰

  • Import account table for salesforce
  • Custom deletion behavior for salesforce integration

🐛 Bugs 🐛

  • Repo search issues
  • Zoom integration issues
  • Fix Filter menu UX


  • Rate limit login and account creation (security)

April 4, 2022

📈 Improvements 📈

  • Added contextual emails for when integrations fails
  • Improved display of recurring interviews and round robin meeting
  • View screener answers on study participations table
  • Show errors for invalid email content (e.g. cta button missing)

🐛 Bugs 🐛

  • Bug fixes on candidate filtering including alignment
  • Work to improve video playback and audio on recordings
  • Fixes with transcript indexing
  • Continued work on calendar integration reliability

March 28, 2022

📆 Calendar usability improvements 📆

  • Improve the time zone selector and make more apparent for easier selection by moderators and users
  • Ability to set a minimum booking notice, so interviews aren’t scheduled without you knowing well in advance
  • Only show one availability block window at any time, so it’s easier for a user to see availability
  • Fix primary calendar defaulting
  • Ability to “Preview” to calendar booking page

📈  Large CRM performance 📈  

  • Add background processing alert, so it’s clear that your database is being updated
  • Speed up screener results, so you can select the right candidate for your studies

🔖  Candidate filtering 🔖

  • Added additional candidate filters including and/or logic
  • Got segments working with new filters
  • Added Study filter on candidates including filters like “participated in X study,” or “didn’t participate in Y study”

🐛 Bugs 🐛

  • Fixed Zoom forcing re-authentications
  • Text formatting within question type = long text
  • Survey response summary error after >100 responses

💫 Enhancements 💫

  • New styling for survey builder questions
  • Site-wide alert on Integration failure

March 22, 2022

🚀 Performance and integration improvements for faster research 🚀

Over the past month we’ve spent a lot of time improving how well our app performs, you’ll experience faster page load times, and you can get more research done faster.

  • Moved frontend to single page app for vast performance improvement between screens.
  • Introduced app wide caching layer of candidate data.
  • Fixed invite slideout locking issue on large lists.
  • Improved performance through encrypted caching.
  • Your calendar integration saves you from double booking research, and allowing you to book as much research as you want, so we Introduced app wide integration errors for invalid calendar connections as well as notification emails. So you are never out of synch.

📨 Emails, emails, emails 📨

No idea what to say in a survey invite email, or a “hey, please come chat with me,” interview invite? We’ve got you covered.

Now you have access to the following email templates in Great Question: screeners, participation invite, invite reminders, booked reminder, cancelled interview, reschedule request, and thank you’s. You can edit our templates or bring in your own.

You can also preview emails in the browser before sending.

🤝 Make research a team sport with workspaces 🤝

Now, if someone else from your company signs in with the same email domain, Great Question will ask if you want to be added to the same workspace, so you can see all great research you are doing together.

🐛 Other bug fixes & enhancements 🐛

  • Onboarding: Added an onboarding checklist to help new researchers get started.
  • Account administrators can remove a particular card payment method from account.
  • Make it possible to not auto record Zoom meetings via your integration settings.
  • Fixed a minor issue with invalid segments on candidates list.
  • Removed double notification banner.
  • Prevented double submit of customer imports causing duplicates.
  • Fixed certain zoom links that were not showing up.
  • Ensure disconnect of slack when the integration is removed.

February 15, 2022

✍️  New research method: Unmoderated prototype testing ✍️

We call them frictionless & comprehensive because there are no apps to download or extensions to plug in. And, you get to see their audio & video while they're completing their test. Check it out and let us know what you think.

🎥  Research in one place: Upload multiple videos 🎥

Trying to get all your customer interviews in one place? Now, you can import files or connect with Zoom to select recent recordings and upload interviews into the repository.

🏷️  Organize your research with tag manager 🏷️

Create groups of tags so it's easy to keep your insights organized, drag, drop, add titles and colors and be on your way.

🙌  Get your research into the hands of everyone! 🙌

The share modal makes it easy to share a video clip or a full interview room with notes. Now everyone can see what a research rockstar you are!

📨  You aren't the only one doing this work! 📨

Want to send emails from your account? so a group of folks can see all the great research happenings? Ta-da! Now you can! Just setup the second email address on your account and then select the other email address next time you send an email.

February 1, 2022


  • Tag manager: manage tags in your repository within Great Question.

January 26, 2022

Conducting Research:

January 18, 2022

Panel Management:

  • Add a candidate right to a panel, from the candidate's profile page

Conducting Research:

  • We added custom consent fields to panel and study participant consent forms
  • Fixes for exporting screener results into a CSV

January 14, 2022


December 28, 2021

Administration changes:

  • Track IP addresses on consent forms
  • Render all pages of the consent form in PDF

December 15, 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Interview previews now showing up on the interview page

December 10, 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Connect calendar from header
  • Connect calendar from quickstart


  • Created hover state on candidates/editing
  • Delete any candidate

December 6, 2021

Bug fixes:

  • Issue with customer email sends
  • Increase debounce to fix screener updating glitch
  • Interview templates do not show up when selected


  • Interview Room: new tag component


  • Add additional files during a bulk upload

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