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Great Question research panel basics
How to manage your panel effectively using Great Question

Great Question research panel basics

Updated on
May 6, 2022

We originally created Great Question to simplify managing your customer research panel. It's what you could call our bread and butter.

Customize Your Invite Page

  1. Click the carrot next to “Studies” on the left menu bar to reveal a list of studies and your panel.
  2. Click your panel to open your invite page.
  3. Be sure to walk through and edit each section of your invite page this includes the landing page, signup form, welcome email, and settings.

Landing Page

  1. Select the “Landing Page” tab in the top section and select “Edit” (this tab is also the default open page).
  2. Add a headline, description, button text, personal note, title, subtitle, items, and customize your url
  3. Click “done” in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Review your content.
  5. Click “preview” to see your page.

Sign Up Form

  1. In the “Questions” tab, create a screener to target the people you would like to join the panel. Candidate information and consent will be collected automatically.
  2. Review a summary of data collected from people who have joined the panel in the “Summary” tab and names in the “individuals” tab.

Welcome Email

  1. Click “Edit” to draft a welcome message that people will receive once they have joined the panel.
  2. Fill out the subject, body, and signature section. Click “Preview” when finished.
  3. When ready click “Send myself a test” to review your email in your inbox.

Activity Log

  • see who has joined the panel recently.


  1. Toggle on or off notifications for when people join your panel.

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