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Great Question's incentive options
Learn how we make incentives less painful

Great Question's incentive options

Updated on
March 2, 2022

Incentivizing research participation is a great way to show candidates you value their time.

But having to manually send those incentives can be a pain in the you-know-what—especially if you have to send them around the world in a number of currencies.

That's why Great Question automates the incentive process so you don't have to think about it.

Read on to find out what types of incentives you can send, where to plan your incentives for each study, how to send them to participants, and how to track which participants have redeemed them.

What types of incentives can I offer participants?

Gift cards and prepaid debit cards

We partner with Tremendous to make sending gift cards and prepaid debit cards easy.  With tons of vendor options available all around the world—including Visa Debit, charitable donations, and gift cards—this integration makes distribution a breeze.

Simply enter the amount you'd like to offer each participant when you're setting up the study, and when they go to redeem the incentive, they'll be able to do so in their local country's currency.

Product gifts or coupon codes

Sometimes, a gift card or cash might not be as valuable to your participants as a product gift (like a free seat) or coupon. You know your customers best, after all.

Simply enter the discount code or offer you'd like to give participants, and they'll be able to redeem it after participating in your study.


Who doesn't love getting happy mail? Enter a link where customers can redeem a swag bag, and they'll be able to claim it after participating in your study.

Third-party incentives

If you're offering participants an incentive outside of our functionality, simply select Outside of Great Question.

Where do I plan my study's incentives?

When you create a new study—no matter what type it is—you'll first click through a number of screens before you publish it. Under the Plan tab, be sure to check Offer an incentive.

A couple screens later, under Incentives, you'll be able to select:

  1. The type of incentive you'd like to offer;
  2. If you're offering a gift card or cash, the amount you'd like to offer;
  3. If you're offering a product gift or swag, the URL to claim the offer; and
  4. Instructions on how to redeem the offer (whether through Great Question or otherwise).

If you're offering incentives through our Tremendous integration, as seen below, you'll be asked to fund your incentives using the payment method on file.

How does Great Question charge for incentives?

Great Question charges the credit card on file for the total incentive amount for all participants when the study launches.

If you're on a Starter or Team plan, we charge 3% on top of incentives. If you're on an Enterprise plan there's no charge.

How can I verify that a candidate has received or redeemed their incentive?

That's a Great Question. Pun intended.

Note: Only account Admins can view and manage incentives.

Click the Incentives tab on the lefthand tool bar. From there, search for a specific candidate to see their incentive status.

Under the Status column, you'll be able to see if they've been Sent, Not Sent, or Redeemed their incentive.

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