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How to integrate with Zapier (beta)
How to set up and join the Zapier beta integration

How to integrate with Zapier (beta)

Updated on
March 1, 2022

Great Question is currently running a beta integration with Zapier. Zapier is only available on the team and enterprise plans.

You can add Great Question to your Zapier here.

To authenticate, uou will be required to create and add your api token.

To generate an API token, visit API Tokens in your account admin and click "Generate new token". Add this to your Zapier integration.


We currently only support actions. If you would like to request a trigger please contact support or email [email protected].

Potential triggers: interview booked, interview completed, transcript completed, video uploaded, candidate updated, incentive paid, invite sent.

We current support the following actions:

  • Create Candidate
  • Update Candidate
  • Find Candidate

These can be used to keep your Great Question candidate panel up to date.

For example, you could connect Salesforce to get all new contacts automatically added to Great Question.

When creating or updating a candidate you can map fields to any custom attribute you have set up:

Find, create or update

By using filters in Zapier, you can also update or create candidates as follows:

Handling Unsubscribes

To be completed

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