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Quick Start Guide
Follow these steps to get up and running on Great Question.

Quick Start Guide

Updated on
June 14, 2022

Welcome to Great Question. We’re here to help you democratize customer research so you can include feedback in every product release—and become a superhero. 🎉

Let’s get started with the basics.

Set up your company profile

Integrate key tools

  • No more hopping between 5 tools to run a research project. Connect your Google or Calendly account for scheduling, Zoom for meeting recording, Slack for notifications, and Google for email sending.

Set your default email sender and calendar

  • Under your profile, select your default booking calendar and email sender. Tip: sending emails from your own domain will improve deliverability. (Note: ensure you’ve connected your email client in the integrations tab.)

Create custom candidate attributes

  • Build rich candidate profiles by adding custom attributes to your panel. Tip: think about customer cohorts, plans, personas, and demographics. What information do you need to find the right customers to research?

Add custom consent form

  • Upload your consent form so it’s the default for all studies created by your team. Don’t have one? No sweat—you can use ours.

Centralize your existing customer panel

  • Import your customer research panel through 3 different ways: .csv upload, manual creation, or link sharing. You can then email your imported contacts through a more formal panel invite email. Here’s a guide to candidate recruitment.

Now, you’re ready to run your first study. 🙌

Ready to dive in?

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