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Unmoderated prototype testing 101
How to use the unmoderated study type

Unmoderated prototype testing 101

Updated on
March 2, 2022

Customer interviews are a great way to get live feedback on product designs and prototypes—but one only has so many hours in a week they can dedicate to those real-time conversations.

To get a higher volume of feedback on a prototype with less of a time commitment, wouldn't it be great if you could instead send a customer a prototype and have them record their session as they click through it?

*Unmoderated Usability Test has entered the chat*

Well, now you can using Great Question.

How our unmoderated usability tests work

Great Question has partnered with Loom to create our very own unmoderated functionality. When you send a customer this type of study, they'll be able to open a prototype link (e.g. Figma) and use our Loom integration to record their screen and feedback.

You'll be able to display instructions and context before they start, and even add questions for the participant to answer after adding their recording. And no, your participants don't need their own Loom account—they'll be using ours through the integration.

TL;DR—it's a really simple way to get a bunch of feedback on what you're working on.

How to launch an unmoderated usability test in Great Question

  1. Select New study in the top righthand corner of the screen
  2. Select "Unmoderated usability test"
  3. Create your study plan, outlining the number of participants you're looking for and how long the study will take. Note: If you're on a GQ Solo or Team plan, your participants will have a 5-min recording limit through our Loom integration. Customers on an Enterprise plan will have an unlimited recording limit.
  4. Under the "Info" block, add context about the purpose of the test. We recommend suggesting your participants talk aloud during the recording so you can trap their stream of consciousness.
  5. Under the "Task" block, add instructions for completing the test. You'll want to include the prototype link here, too.
  6. Add questions underneath the "Task" block if you want participants to answer any once they've completed the task.
  7. Continue through the Incentive and Asset tabs, and publish your study.
  8. To see how it performs, once it's published, click "Invite via link" and check the link out yourself.

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