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What is the candidate profile?
Keep track of all your candidate details.

What is the candidate profile?

Updated on
June 27, 2022

The candidate profile contains all the information about each candidate, as well as their activity.

To access a candidate's profile, click on the candidate's name from anywhere in Great Question, and then click View full profile.


  • Lists the candidate's name, email, and attributes.


  • Lists the actions related to the candidate profile such as screener completion, being shortlisted, invitations, and more.


  • Lists all interviews that the candidate has participated in.


  • Lists all the candidate's recordings.

Screener Q&A

  • Lists all responses to past screener questions.


  • Lists all the studies the candidate has participated in.


  • Lists all content that has been attached to this section of the candidate's profile.


  • Lists observations made about the candidate.
  • Observations are quotes or notes that you think may be useful to you or your teammates in the future.


  • Lists all highlights created from interviews with the candidate.
  • Highlights are important sections that were highlighted and created from interviews or clips.


  • Choose when the candidate can be contacted.

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