Participating in research studies

Why am I being asked to participate in research?

At Great Question, we partner with companies to help them faciliate product research with their customers.

If you received an email from about a research study, it means that one of our customers is contacting you to participate in their research.

If you do want to participate in the research studies, you can follow the links in the email to see how to participate. If you don’t want to particiate in the research studies, there are links to opt-out in every email.

How do I get paid my incentive?

Some research studies include incentives to participate, such as a gift card or credits.

If you’re participating in an study with an incentive, you’ll receive an email from after you complete the study with details on how to claim your reward. We partner with Tremendous to process all the incentives, and you’ll be able to choose the incentive type you want which depends on your country. To see a list of available rewards, visit here.