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Help us build a better product experience at PicCollage.

We'd love to better understand you, your needs, and where we can improve our product. Join us to share your experiences of using PicCollage, learn about new products and share your feedback to help us build the future of PicCollage!

You'll be asked to complete some questions in order to be considered for this study.

What to expect

If part of the panel, you may be contacted to participate in the following types of research:

  • Icons/contact phone Interviews
  • Icons/survey outlined Surveys
  • Icons/online task outlined Unmoderated tests
  • Icons/online task outlined Online tasks

Kelsy @ PicCollage User Research

User Researcher at PicCollage

Hey there! 👋

I'd love to have you involved in our next research project to help us build a better PicCollage. It would be great if you'd consider signing up to participate.