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Dani Sandoval, Director of Design at Chipper Cash is able to get the voice of the customer into every design project.

Great Question is THE place for everything customer research from panels to screener questions and all responses.

Chipper Cash by the numbers

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Full-time researchers:
Types of research:
Qualitative and quantitative UX research
North America, Europe, South America & Africa

Before Great Question

Duck-taped tools, not enough research:

  • • Building studies in a survey tool
  • • Getting lists of customers in spreadsheets
  • • Sending out invites via mail merge
  • • Can’t protect privacy of researchers
Life before Great Question
Difficult to execute, too many tools, tons of manual effort

After Great Question

What Chipper Cash loves about Great Question:

  • Amazing service

  • Privacy for researchers

  • Easy to build a panel of customers

  • Get the voice of customers every time

  • Tons of time savings
Why Great Question
Easy to use, security & privacy settings

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