"We use fewer tools and get more research done with Great Question"

The research team at Rev.com is providing the voice of the customer for more projects across their organization from design to product.
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Conduct more research with fewer tools

Scaling research

Sarah Stumme, Product Design Researcher at Rev.com is able to easily set up studies, recruit participants and pay incentives all in one platform.

Great Question has made it easy for her team to support even more customer research in support of design and product teams.
Cut the number of tools in 1/2
Support more research across the organization

After Great Question

What Sarah loves about Great Question:
Single system for all research tasks
More research and more demand for research
Easily sending personalized incentives across the globe
Not bombarding customers with too many requests
Comprehensive & frictionless unmoderated prototype testing

Before Great Question

Different tools for each research step, slower returns:
Multiple tools to conduct research
Difficult to pay incentives for completed research
Too much time spent scheduling interviews
No way to easily do unmoderated research

Make Great Question your home for UX research