Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Interview Template

I can't get no satisfaction, and I try, and I try, and I try. I can't get no...
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What is a customer satisfaction interview?

Customer satisfaction interviews are used to determine how a product fits into the life of the customer and ultimately how satisfied they are with it. Through understanding how the product is used by customers and how it fits into their real world life, opportunities to enhance the product and solve new problems are uncovered. These interviews will also highlight failings of the product, where it doesn’t suit the needs of the customer, or where hacks and workarounds are used to compensate for shortcomings of the product.

Pro Tip: If possible conduct the interview with the participant where they use the product. For instance if it’s a desk based application go to the office where they use it. If it’s a mobile based sales app, conduct the interview in the car where they usually use it. This not only helps the participant recall their usage better, but also provides a wealth of contextual information. For instance people having a sticky note on their screen of how to find a piece of information would indicate that something is difficult to find. Or a little book of passwords in their desk drawer indicates they might have too many login details to remember.

Questions you can answer with a customer satisfaction interview

How well is the product meeting the needs of our customers?

What opportunities are there to solve more customer needs?

Where is our product failing to meet customer needs?

Advantages of customer satisfaction interviews

Develop a deep understanding of how the product is being used.

Understand what problems the product is solving for customers.

Opportunities to explore the context around how the product is used.

Disadvantages of customer satisfaction interviews

Participants may struggle to recall how they use the product or forget to mention parts of the process, especially if it’s not a product they use regularly. If this is the case consider using an observational research method.

Very time intensive to conduct the interviews and if participants use the product very differently analyzing the outcome can be difficult.

Doesn’t explore potential solutions or concepts to resolve customer issues, this method only understands the current state.

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