Customer Churn Survey Template

Why are they leaving?!?!
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What is a customer churn survey?

Customer churn surveys explore why a customer has canceled a subscription or stopped using a product. They gather valuable real-time feedback on the reasons why people are choosing not to continue using a product or service. Continually running a Churn Survey enables patterns and trends to be identified around what is causing people to leave. People completing Churn Surveys have already decided to leave, so ensure they’re short to maximize uptake.

Questions you can answer with a customer churn survey

Why are customers leaving?

What could we be doing better?

Where should we improve our product or service?

Advantages of customer churn surveys

Easy to track over time

Short survey

Alerts teams to problems

Disadvantages of customer churn surveys

Might not be enough data

Hard to get responses

Could get skewed feedback

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