System Usability Scale (SUS) Survey Template

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What is the System Usability Scale (SUS)?

The System Usability Scale (SUS) was developed in 1986, that’s 5 years before the first website went live! This tried and tested method has been used to evaluate the usability of products and services for over 30 years and remains a proven and dependable method. It remains popular due to its simple nature, 10 fixed usability questions and decades of data to determine what a good score is.

Questions you can answer with a SUS survey

How usable is the product or service?

How efficient is the product or service?

How effective is the product or service?

Advantages of SUS surveys

Easy to compare results with industry standards as the method has been in use for over 30 years

Proven and dependable survey for collecting users opinions on the usability of a product

Quick and easy to execute and analyze the results

Disadvantages of SUS surveys

Doesn’t evaluate user behavior, instead focuses on the users opinion of the product usability

No opportunity to explore the reason behind the score participants give for each question

The questionnaire is administered after the experience, rather than capturing feedback during use

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