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Save time with AI-suggested interview summaries, survey questions, highlights, titles, and tags.

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The Great Question UI displaying our AI features for UX researchers
AI creates instant, detailed summaries of your user interviews

Instantly summarize interviews

Great Question automatically creates detailed interview summaries for you so it’s easier to update your team after every call.
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Ask the right survey questions for your goal

Great Question helps you launch the perfect survey every time by suggesting questions based on your study goal.
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AI suggests smart survey questions based on your research study goal
AI suggests video highlights from your user interviews based on the research goal you set

Find & share your best highlights faster

Great Question suggests key highlights based on your study goal so your team can hear the voice of the customer firsthand.
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Get more eyes on insights with compelling titles

Great Question suggests descriptive titles for your studies, highlights, and surveys to help you cut through the noise and grab your team’s attention.
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AI suggests descriptive titles for your user interviews, highlights, and surveys
AI suggests relevant tags to keep all of your research artifacts organized

Keep research organized without the effort

Great Question suggests helpful tags to organize your research artifacts, making them easy to file away now and find again later.
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