Virtual Observer Rooms

Keep your team in the loop but out of the room

Invite your team to watch customer interviews live, without overwhelming participants.
Observer Room experience in Great Question
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Screen shot of Observer room functionality in Great Question.
Make Research Accessible

The best way to watch live customer research

No extra meeting links, apps, or faces on your video calls. Just connect with Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, and go.

"Observer live streams are such a great way to involve more stakeholders in interviews, without overwhelming participants"

Liza Pemstein
Research Operations Manager
Observer Room functionality screen shot from Great Question
Make Participants Comfortable

Create space for your participants

Take the pressure off participants and get better feedback by keeping observers out of the interview room. Protect participant PII with separate calendar invites for participants, observers, and researchers.

A unified research platform

Recruit, conduct, analyze, synthesize, and share research. All in one place.

Automatic transcriptions

All interviews are automatically transcribed to help you analyze and synthesize your findings faster.

Tag & synthesize

Highlight and tag interview transcripts, survey answers, and insight reports to stay organized.

Highlight reels

Turn a series of interview clips into a powerful highlight reel and share the voice of your customers.

Informed consent

Keep your participants informed about how their data will be used. No surprises.

Seamless integrations

Transform your existing calendar, email, and design tools into research tools with native integrations. 

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