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Build a panel of customers to interview, survey, or get feedback on a prototype. Make customer research a part of every sprint.

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Customer research

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Build a panel
Create an opted in panel of real customers, not paid actors.
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Talk to customers
One click setup research to get feedback on what you’re building.
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Share what you learn
Distill your findings to share with your team via Slack or email.

How does it work?

Great Question helps you through every step of the research process so you’ll never be intimidated to learn more about your customer again.

Build your customer research panel

We give you the tools to build a panel of opted-in customers. Import from your database, or leverage our recruitment tools. Real customers, not paid professionals.

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Conduct the research

Our integrated platform is the fastest way to conduct research with your own customers, while delivering an A+ participant experience.
Schedule research in minutes, batch invitations, and automate incentives.

Share what you learned

Capture research artefacts during your interviews - from video files, transcripts, notes and insights. Share daily digests to your team, and upcoming interviews to encourage ride-alongs.

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It's crucial for our team to be able to make informed design decisions. Great Question takes care of all the logistics around our research needs, allowing us to spend more time talking to and learning from our customers.

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