Unmoderated Prototype Testing

Fast user feedback for Figma prototypes

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Test your prototypes async with users on desktop or mobile. Identify usability issues, iterate faster, and ship with confidence.

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Easily set up an unmoderated prototype test and launch in minutes
Study Creation

Easy to set up & launch in minutes

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Sync with Figma and link to prototypes for browser-based testing (no apps required).
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Select a device type and what to record: screen, microphone, and/or camera.
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Add tasks for users to complete and ask survey questions to dig deeper.
Participant Recruitment

Test async with anyone, anywhere

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Integrate with your CRM, import a list, or share a link to test with your own users.
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Recruit from our external panel of 3M+ verified B2B and B2C participants.
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Segment and screen candidates, manage email outreach, and pay global incentives.
Test your prototypes asynch with your own users or non-users
Reporting & Visualization

Analyze from every angle

View prototype performance at a glance


Track key usage metrics such as success rate, average duration, and misclick rate.
Key usability metrics for prototype tests


See how long each screen took for users and areas where they had the most difficulty.
Timelines for prototype tests

Paths & Click Maps

Identify the different routes users took to the target screen and view click maps for each.
Analyze the paths user take in your prototype tests

Understand the why with user feedback


Record users' screens, microphones, and cameras while they test (with permission).
Screen, microphone, and camera recording for prototype tests


Get accurate transcription of users thinking aloud in over 30 languages.
Accurate transcripts for prototype tests in over 30 languages

Highlight reels

Clip key quotes and moments to turn into reels to share with your team.
Create highlight reels of key moments from prototype test recordings
“The unmoderated test functionality is AWESOME.
It allowed my team to quickly get feedback on a small thing that would have otherwise taken a lot of time and money with another tool.”
Emily Drumm
UX Researcher
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Automatically identify and tag key moments in prototype tests
Coming Soon

AI Annotations

Automatically pinpoint and tag significant moments during tests where users experienced frustration, confusion, or delight. View annotations on visualizations to identify common themes and create sentiment-based highlight reels.
Screen record prototype tests on mobile devices
Coming Soon

Mobile screen recording

Screen recording is not currently supported for users who test on mobile devices, but a simulated recording will be soon. This will allow you to replay sessions as they occurred.
Conduct card sorts and tree tests with users
Coming Soon

Card sorts & tree tests

Use card sorting to evaluate your users’ mental models and create a friendly information architecture, and tree testing to evaluate the findability of content in your product or website.
Test a live website
Coming Soon

Live website testing

Test a live website with users on desktop or mobile, the same way you would a Figma prototype. Just link to your website and launch your study.

Get fast, async user feedback on your Figma prototypes

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