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Upload a list, integrate with your existing database or build your own panel of research participants.

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Great research starts with recruitment

Build your own customer research panel for recruitment. Filter based on demographic data, engagement data, CRM eligibility, and more.
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Integrate or import

Build a panel of your customers via import from CSV or through integrations with Salesforce, Snowflake, and Zapier.

Add custom attributes

With every import, upload, or screener, add as many custom attributes as you need to best understand and filter your candidate list.
"On average, we're saving a week between when somebody wants to start their research and when they can actually start their research."
Gáby Verderber
UX Operations Manager

Exceptional participant experience

Branded emails and landing pages with two-click scheduling and informed consent improve research opt-in rates. Let participants select or suggest an interview time that works best for them.
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Branded outreach
Build branded emails and landing pages to improve participation rates. Send all communications from your own email.
Screening included
Use screener surveys for any study to find the perfect candidate, add additional profile information, and let people skip the line.
Robust participant profiles
Bring in lists with unlimited custom attributes, add new attributes to better profile with every new study. Protect PII at every step of the process.
2-way CRM integrations
Bring the most recent contact preferences in from Salesforce or Snowflake. Send research findings back, so everyone stays informed.
Global Incentives
Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.
More than recruiting
Great Question is the only unified research platform that supports recruitment, conducting research, analyzing, and sharing insights, all in one place.

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