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Launch interviews, surveys, unmoderated prototype tests, focus groups, and online tasks faster.

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Easily recruit participants for every study and synthesize your findings – all in Great Question, your home for UX research.
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Build robust participant profiles with screeners

Use screener surveys and attributes in your interviews to learn more about your participants and filter on those attributes for future research.
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Analyze research data in one place

Analyze and synthesize your findings with tags, then turn those tags into highlight reels to easily share customer insights with your team.
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Why Great Question?

Unified solution
Recruit participants, conduct research, send incentives, and analyze findings in one platform.
Faster study launches
No matter the method you choose, you can launch a study and start getting participants in minutes, not days.
Different methods support more research
Some folks love qual, others love quant. No matter your preference, it’s easy to launch research.
A clearer picture of your research panel
Turn each survey answer an attribute and make participant filtering a breeze.
Global incentives
Automatically send global research incentives in your participants’ local currencies upon completion of a study, no matter the method.
Findings easily synthesized
Transcribe interviews automatically and highlight and tag important parts. Synthesize those findings by grouping tags and building insights.

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