customer research

We're on a mission to make that a reality.

Talking to your customers to truly understand them, and get feedback on what you're creating is the basic building block of building something truly great.

Yet 95% of the companies we talked to said they're not doing any, or not enough, customer research.

So what was holding them back?

Most companies today aren't setup with the systems and processes to make customer research a part of their decision making processes.

When you make it hard to do customer research - whether it's a customer interview, a prototype test or a survey - you make it easy to make decisions that don't include the needs & wants of your customers

We're changing this.

We're a small but mighty team of experienced product managers, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs

Meet our team

  • Ned Dwyer

    Co-founder & CEO

    Always asking too many questions. Previously founder of Elto (acquired by GoDaddy). Believes customer research is a super power.

  • PJ Murray

    Co-founder & CTO

    Learned the power of research by experiencing its absence; determined to help others avoid those same mistakes.

  • Sean Langton

    Product Designer

    Seasoned product designer (Upwork, Instawork) who leverages research to take the guesswork out of design decisions.

  • Austin DeBruyn

    Senior Software Engineer

    Passionate about diversity, inclusion & accessibility - and the role of research to surface related issues.

  • Thereasa Roy

    Product Marketing

    Launching exciting B2B tech solutions based on customer research, excited to dogfood and bring Great Question to even more markets.

  • Sarah Cunningham-Scharf

    Customer Success

    A track record problem solving customers’ research outcomes to help them make informed decisions—and look like superheroes.

  • Luke Pyrzynski

    Product Designer

    Customer-driven product designer who believes that the foundation of a great product is research.

  • Pedro Bré

    Senior Frontend Engineer

    Believes a solid relationship between Research, Design and Engineering is a must have on any team.

  • Caio Alonso

    Senior Software Engineer

    Makes simple things that work. Obsessed about software performance.

  • Bruno Silveira

    Senior Software Engineer

    Experienced software craftsman. Loves building and learning things.

  • Harri Thomas


    Co-founder of Respondent, and life-long researcher. Now User Experience Researcher at Facebook.

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