Effortless customer interviews

Seamlessly recruit, conduct, and synthesize interviews in a single tool.
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Quickly recruit the right participants

  • Import your list of customers or integrate with your CRM
  • Use screener surveys to further qualify your panel
  • Filters and shortlists get you to the right candidates in minutes
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Schedule any type of interview

  • Standard 1:1
  • Round robin
  • Continuous discovery
  • Focus groups
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Understand & share what you learn

  • Automatic interview transcriptions
  • Highlight, tag and clip using study and global tags
  • Build highlight reels
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Involve your team in research

With Observer Rooms, you can invite your team to watch customer interviews live, without overwhelming participants.

Create a great participant experience

Create branded emails and landing pages for recruitment, protect your participants PII, and send global incentives to say thank you.
"We’ve seen a higher response rate, our researchers are happier and our product managers are able to run their own studies. Great Question has been a game changer for continuous research."
Laura Oxenfeld
UX Research Manager

Why Great Question?

Unified solution
Do more parts of the research process in the same place. Recruit, conduct, analyze, and share research from one platform.
Create compelling artifacts
Turn your long boring interviews into easily digestible video clips or highlight reels.
No matter what type of research you run, or how you analyze and synthesize, you can do it easily in Great Question.
Track impact
See how your synthesized data is consumed with view counts on highlight reels, clips, and insights.
Share findings
Use our Slack or Figjam integration to share out clips, highlights, or reels and track who viewed them to understand the impact.
Secure & Private
Get participant consent from the start and remove PII from artifacts to keep data safe.

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