Run best-in-class user interviews

Manage your user interviews in one place — from recruitment, scheduling & incentives to transcription, synthesis & storage.

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Transcribe & record user interviews

Automatically record & transcribe interviews

Connect your Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams account, and never forget to hit record again with automatic interview recordings and transcriptions.
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Take notes, create highlights & organize with tags

Select transcript text to create video highlights, then combine multiple highlights into a single reel. Embed highlights and reels in your written insight reports.
Take notes, create highlights & organize your user interviews with tags
Get AI-suggested user interview summaries & highlights

Get AI-suggested interview summaries & highlights

Great Question automatically creates detailed interview summaries and suggests key interview highlights based on your study goal.

Invite your team to join Observer Rooms

Get your team involved in research by inviting them to hear the voice of the user firsthand — discreetly and at their convenience.
Invite your team to join user interviews with observer rooms

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