Feature Desirability Survey Template

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What is a feature desirability survey?

Feature desirability surveys collect data around how desirable different features of a product or service would be to users. This survey is best used when making feature prioritization decisions as it brings a quantitative data set that represents users' opinions of each feature.

It’s important to use the same survey question and response scale for each feature to ensure the results can be analyzed equally.

Represent each feature in an equal style. For instance if using a single line description of the feature, ensure all features are represented that way. If using an image to represent a feature, ensure all features are represented as an image.

Questions you can answer with a feature desirability survey

What feature are we missing?

What should we build next?

How should we prioritize the next thing we build?

Advantages of feature desirability surveys

Easy to measure results

Easy to gather large dataset

Can be used to set direction and offer insight into places to dig deeper

Disadvantages of feature desirability surveys

Might get conflicting messages

Might only hear from the loud minority

Be careful who you poll

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