Customer Exit Interview Template

But why? Why have you gone and left me?!!?
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What is a customer exit interview?

Customer exit interviews provide the ability to understand why a customer has decided to stop using a product or service. They are best used in conjunction with a survey to collect quantitative data around reasons customers are choosing to leave. When you want to dig deeper into the reasons or start to understand why certain reasons are being given in survey responses, interviews will help build that deeper level of insight.

Questions you can answer with a customer exit interview

Why are our customers leaving?

Where are they going?

Did they find a better solution elsewhere?

Advantages of customer exit interviews

Deeper insights into why customers are leaving

Paired with survey data, this helps build a business case for additional features

Potential to uncover any misunderstandings

Disadvantages of customer exit interviews

Time required to do follow up interviews

Recruiting participants can be difficult

Could be difficult to conduct

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