Stakeholder Interview Template

Why are we here? Who even cares?!?!
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What is a stakeholder interview?

Stakeholder interviews are used in the very early stages of a project to understand the different stakeholders that are involved and learn about their views and opinions of the project. Generally when planning your research activities you want to interview your stakeholders before you start to think about interviewing users. Stakeholder interviews aim to develop understanding around the aims and goals of the project, any constraints, historical background, existing assumptions and anything else that could be relevant. Stakeholder interviews also assist in building trust and relationships within the project and wider team.

Questions you can answer with a stakeholder interview

Who cares why we're doing this research?

How involved are these team members going to be?

Can anyone else help me out?

Advantages of stakeholder interviews

Great for getting historical context

Nearly required for all cross functional research projects

Clearly defines goals from the start

Disadvantages of stakeholder interviews

Depending on the size of the team, can take time

Has to be augmented with team wide meetings

Hard to do with lack of research buy-in

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