Smarter research synthesis. Faster research impact.

Turn research data into insights and easily share what you learn with your team.

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Analyze research data in one place

Easily recruit participants for your method of choice and synthesize your findings – all in Great Question, your unified research platform.
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Synthesis built
for you

No matter how you like to analyze research data, you can start with tags and group those into themes or start from raw data and group based on other parameters.
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Turn research data into insights in minutes

In one click, you can edit and organize tags from a study into a theme or organize by the participant, giving you faster insights. Turn that data into highlight reels or add to an insight with a click.
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Highlight reels

Create compelling video reels of customer interviews
and make your research come to life.


Write your research learnings and embed the evidence
to share with your team.

Why Great Question?

Unified solution
Do more parts of the research process in the same place. Recruit, conduct, analyze, and share research from one platform.
Create compelling artifacts
Turn your long boring interviews into easily digestible video clips or highlight reels.
No matter what type of research you run, or how you analyze and synthesize, you can do it easily in Great Question.
Track impact
See how your synthesized data is consumed with view counts on highlight reels, clips, and insights.
Share findings
Use our Slack or Figjam integration to share out clips, highlights, or reels and track who viewed them to understand the impact.
Secure & Private
Get participant consent from the start and remove PII from artifacts to keep data safe.

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