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for UX research

Filter to find the right customers, and
invite them to participate in minutes.
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Quickly setup
& conduct research

All you need to run customer interviews, surveys, and more methods from scheduling through incentives.
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Analyze & synthesize research data

Automatically capture and transcribe customer interviews, highlight and tag quotes, and synthesize to find themes.
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Create & share
research findings

Communicate what you’re learning to
stakeholders with clips, reels, and insights.
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Use the tools
you know & love

Send from your own email domain,
automatically sync candidate data,
schedule around your events, and more.
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Enhance your UX research with AI

Privacy and security first. Augment researchers, not replace them. Opt in or out; it’s up to you.
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"I save at least 5 hours per research study with Great Question."
“With Great Question we’re able to recruit, conduct, and analyze research all in one place.”
“Our entire company can see research in action with Great Question’s Slack integration.”
"Great Question is our company's hub for past, present and future research."
"We spend 50% less on Great Question than we did bundling separate tools. Plus, it’s easier to train new researchers."
"With GDPR consent and SOC 2 compliance, we can trust Great Question with our participant data."

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