Introducing Great Question's Respondent integration

Recruit from a panel of 3M+ high-quality research participants, right in Great Question.

Ned Dwyer
November 14, 2023
Introducing Great Question's Respondent integration

Great Question has everything you need to run interviews, focus groups, and surveys with your own users and customers. From recruitment, scheduling, and incentives to transcription, synthesis, and storage, you can do it all in one platform.

But what if you need to find new research participants who haven't used or purchased your product?

Introducing B2B and B2C research participant recruitment in Great Question, powered by Respondent. This integration allows you to recruit from Respondent’s panel of over three million high-quality research participants in 150+ countries, right in Great Question.

“By providing a one-stop shop for researchers to find and engage participants of any type and for any methodology, Respondent and Great Question will make it easier than ever to streamline recruiting and speed up time to insights for all researchers,” said Jack Pratten, CEO & Founder of Respondent.

Here’s what you need to know about the Respondent panel and how this integration works for Great Question customers.

About the Respondent panel

Respondent is the leader in B2B and B2C research participant recruitment. With millions of verified professionals who are ready to participate in research studies, the Respondent panel offers a diverse sample representing:

  • 146 industries
  • 689 occupation categories
  • 140k+ job titles
  • 73k+ skills

Respondent's panel uses three proven methods to recruit high-quality participants:

  1. Matching: Your targeting filters + the Respondent panel + a proprietary matching algorithm = great research candidates.
  2. Referrals: Respondent pays a top-up incentive for referrals. This way, your project reaches far beyond just its panel members.
  3. Boosts: Respondent runs Boost campaigns for select projects with niche requirements to find folks where they hang out.
Typically, you can expect your first match to be made in as little as 10 minutes. A no-show rate of less than 5% means you can actually count on them showing up, too.

If for some reason you aren’t matched with participants in a reasonable amount of time, Respondent’s referral algorithm steps in to help, finding participants beyond its pool of three million with a potential reach of over 500 million.

Respondent has robust anti-fraud protocols in place to ensure you’re always recruiting from a healthy, engaged panel of research participants. These protocols include work email verification every 90 days, screener response inconsistency detection, and participant quality scoring and AI-powered monitoring.

Getting started with the Respondent panel in Great Question

Great Question customers can get started recruiting research participants from the Respondent panel in just a few simple steps:

  1. Tell us who you want to recruit for your Great Question study.
  2. Ask screener questions to find the qualified participants.
  3. Review and invite eligible participants to your study.

Each time you successfully recruit a participant, you will be charged 1 credit. Here's how pricing works:

(Note: Starting January 1st, we will have the ability to purchase credits in bulk at discounted prices; please get in touch with Sales below.)

Create a free account here to start recruiting participants from Respondent for your Great Question studies.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about purchasing credits in bulk, email [email protected] — we'd be happy to help.

Ned is the co-founder and CEO of Great Question. He has been a technology entrepreneur for over a decade and after three successful exits, he’s founded his biggest passion project to date, focused on customer research. With Great Question he helps product, design and research teams better understand their customers and build something people want.

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