Share the research load & protect privacy with our new calendar

Thereasa Roy
July 28, 2022
Share the research load & protect privacy with our new calendar

Customer research can be overwhelming, especially if you are a research team of 1. Sharing the research load with other stakeholders can increase research capacity and throughput. But, logistically, it’s hard. 

That’s why we built the Great Question Research Calendar. We made it easy to:

  • Manage availability across multiple teams in one place
  • Set up round-robin availability
  • Protect the privacy of stakeholders
  • Turn interviews into shareable clips with auto transcription & tagging
  • Automatically send research incentives upon completion

Use one calendar to manage availability across multiple teams

With Great Question, you can easily add observers to your studies. You can determine if you want to schedule 1:1, collective, or round-robin interviews. Each of these offers an outstanding participant experience, making it easy to share the research load when needed. 

Collective scheduling

You can schedule interviews based on the availability of multiple people. Imagine if you are a product manager and you want to involve your engineering lead and a designer, but you don’t have time to look through their calendars each time a booking request comes in. With collective scheduling, you can include their calendars, and now participants can only book when you all are available.

Round Robin Scheduling

You can’t do it all as a researcher, but you can always ask for help. With round-robin scheduling, you can rotate moderators for each call based on availability. This provides immense flexibility for participant booking. And you can even pick between availability-based or fairness based. So moderators aren’t overburdened and everyone shares in the research load equally. If that’s not democratization, I don’t know what is!?!?

Protect the privacy of researchers

As a stakeholder, you might not want your email or calendar events revealed to customers. Product managers might not want customers to be able to email feature requests directly, or researchers might not want to share their email addresses for a one-time project. You can obfuscate the researchers' PII (email, last name, title, etc.) to prevent any of those awkward situations post-research project. 

Turn interviews into shareable artifacts

Our Zoom integration allows auto transcription as soon as an interview is complete on the calendar. Reviewing the transcription and highlighting parts of the interview you want to share with others is easy. Within an hour, you can share actionable insights with video clips and tags in the transcription. This makes synthesis faster and can help teams act on feedback even faster.

Automatically send research incentives

To ensure that you say “thank you for your time” in a timely manner, you can set automatic incentive deliverability. Since you sent up your incentive amount during setup, the thank you template emails are already built and can be sent as soon as the user is moved from scheduled to complete. This makes for a great participant experience, and it keeps you from going into ANOTHER system just to say “thank you!”

Do you want a better research calendar that supports teamwork in research, respects everyone’s privacy, and streamlines all parts of the research process from panel to scheduling to insights? If so, request a demo today!

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