The perfect customer service feedback survey template

Megan Johnson
September 19, 2022
The perfect customer service feedback survey template

When a customer interacts with your customer support team, there’s usually one desired outcome the customer is looking for, a solution to the problem they’re facing. Ideally, you’ll be able to resolve their problem effectively and efficiently. But you won’t know if you solved your customer's problem if you don’t conduct a customer service feedback survey.

A customer service feedback survey is a valuable tool that can help you identify areas where you need to make improvements to your customer service team or process. It can also help you understand what your customers like about your customer service so you can continue doing things right.

For any business, it’s essential to keep taking the temperature of your customers. Otherwise, you’re at risk of your customers churning, and you won’t know why.

 However, developing a customer service feedback survey may be more challenging than you think. You want to make sure you get the right amount of multiple choice questions and open-ended questions, but not too many questions that you end up overwhelming already frustrated or disgruntled customers.

 That’s why we developed our customer service feedback survey template that will help you ask your customers the right questions that will give valuable feedback.

Why are customer service feedback surveys important?

Customer service feedback surveys are important because they’re an accurate indicator of how your customers feel about your service. You can use the feedback to attend to your customer’s needs. Customer service feedback surveys are also an extremely way to collect customer feedback. All you do is share your survey link with your customers and they will fill in the survey, this makes analyzing your results a breeze.

Customer service feedback surveys can also help you improve your customer service. After your customer gives you a numerical score that rates your customer service, there are follow-up questions that give customers a direct opportunity to tell you what you could do to improve. Some customers will give you in-depth answers and some customers will give you brief answers. It’s your job to act on this feedback to ensure that you take both answers on board to make sure customers are always happy with the support they just received. 

Plus, customer service feedback surveys are a great way to internally assess how well your customer service team is performing. If you see an increase or decrease in your customers’ level of satisfaction across a period of time, then you know that your team is either doing a great or a not-so-great job. 

If you constantly improve your customer service and make the customer journey enjoyable, this will lead to greater customer loyalty and customer retention. Two buzzwords every SaaS customer support team loves to hear!

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How frequently should you conduct customer service feedback surveys?

Unlike Net promoter score (NPS) surveys that should be conducted quarterly, customer service feedback surveys should be conducted at more regular intervals. You want to make sure that conducting surveys regularly enough but not too much that you’re becoming a nuisance.

A good way to understand how frequently to conduct customer feedback surveys is to conduct a survey every time your customer directly engages with your customer support team. For instance, if a customer emails the support team, aim to follow up within 15 minutes after the support ticket has been marked as resolved, you can send an email asking how would they rate the customer service and provide a link to the survey.

You should also conduct a survey after onboarding if your onboarding process requires the guidance of a Customer success manager. You’ll be able to see if there are any complaints about the overall experience and if there are any ways you can improve. Following up on the customer’s feedback after onboarding and resolving issues can also prevent customer churn rates.

How do you calculate the customer service feedback survey results?

Calculating your customer service feedback results will depend on the metrics you are using as the answer to your survey questions. For instance, the question, “How satisfied were you with our customer service?” You can decide to use the following rating scales:

Numerical values:  1-3, 1-5, 1-7, 1-10 etc.

Non-numerical values: “very unsatisfied” “unsatisfied” “neutral” “satisfied” and “very satisfied.”

If you decide to use numerical values on a scale of 1-5, you can calculate your score similar to the customer satisfaction score (CSAT). To do this, calculate the total number of 4s and 5s and divide this number by the number of respondents, then multiply by one hundred. If you had 15 4s and 20 5s with 80 respondents, your score would be (25/80)x100, which is 31.25%.

What are good customer service feedback survey results?

Good customer service feedback survey results are those with a score of above 40%. However, be mindful not to pay too much attention to lower scores, especially if your response rate was low. For instance, if you only got 10 responses and 1 of those was a 4 or 5, giving you a score of 10%, don’t feel disheartened, it’s not a big enough sample size that accurately reflects your customer service. 

Ready to dive in?

Ready to get started with your customer service feedback survey? We are here for you. Get our customer service feedback survey template and enjoy a smooth and effective survey.

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