Data Governance

Your control center for research data

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Democratize UX research safely with custom eligibility rules for candidates, flexible access permissions for every role on your team, and other guardrails.

Data governance for UX research
Create custom eligibility rules for research candidates
Candidate Eligibility

Set guardrails with custom eligibility rules

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Prevent candidates from being over-contacted or over-participating in research
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Filter out candidates who have no-showed, opted out, or are unresponsive
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Make sure you’re talking to a diverse, representative sample of users
Data Retention

Take total control over your research data

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Automate how you delete recordings and transcripts with one click
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Reduce your data footprint and comply with your company’s data retention policies
Automatically delete data after six months
Manage flexible access permissions for every role on your team
Access Permissions

Manage who can do what at every level

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Set which roles can view candidate PII, interview rooms, reels, and highlights
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Allow users with the same email domain to join as observers without an invitation

Keep your research compliant at every step

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SOC 2 ensures third-party providers securely store and process client data
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HIPAA ensures protected health information (PHI) is only visible to the right people
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GDPR ensures personal data is handled properly
SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance badges

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