The best calendar for customer research

Built from the ground up to be a research calendar, with all the flexibility to support teams of researchers

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Calendaring & Scheduling

Easily integrate with GCal, Microsoft, Zoom or Calendly to book more research seamlessly
Time blocks & Buffers
Set blocks of availability (AM/PM) including buffer time between calls, making it easy to get more research done
Round robin scheduling
Make customer research a team sport with easy round robin scheduling for everyone who wants in on research
Protect the PII of your researchers by conceling names and event titles for avaialbility
Prevent double-bookings
Integrate your research calendar with your existing calendar to make sure you aren’t double booked
Automate incentives
Pay incentives the minute your meetings are complete, and say “thank you” to over 80 countries for free
Send invites for studies right from your own email & calendar, so your customers recognize you and respond faster
Scheduled research
Set yourself up for regular research success, send batches of invites all at one time to make sure you're keeping a pulse on your customers
Get more teammates involved in customer research with observer invites. Let them listen and watch without extra administrative work

Easily schedule for you or your team

Set standard 1:1 customer meetings, or use the round robin capabilities to schedule even more meetings with an entire team. Add observers and schedule around everyone’s existing events. Make customer research easy for everyone.

Integrate with your existing calendars and video platforms

Manage your interview availability by integrating with the calendars and video platforms you already have in place. Great Question integrates with Google Calendar, Google Meet, Microsoft O365 calendar, and Zoom. Meeting with your customers has never been easier.

Flexibility & Customizations

Pick your own availbility by specific hours, or parts of the day (morning/afternoon). Add buffers in between calls to make sure you have time to take notes. Set a duration for each study, so you can control your time.

Automate your customer research and conduct more interviews faster.

The average Great Question customer saves 5 hours on logistics for every research recruitment project.

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