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Supercharge your research with automated research operations.

Use a single platform that automates everything from recruitment to study creation, customer communications, and incentives.

Manage your panel
Create a panel of real customers, not paid actors.
Track active projects
One view to see all research activity across your teams.
Streamline processes
Automate scheduling, incentives and analysis.

Build a healthy research panel

Create a database of opted-in customers. Import your own database, or leverage our recruitment tools. Filter by custom attributes or previous research history, including surveys.

“The fact that this works so well with Calendly makes me so happy I could cry.”

Emily D, UX Researcher

Deliver a great candidate experience

Create a candidate experience that reflects your companies brand values. Manage candidate consent, set contact limits, & pay out incentives in your participants preferred currency.

“Our number one goal is to prevent participant fatigue. Without your participants, there couldn’t be any research”

Lisa F, UX Research Operations

Democratize access to research

Empower your entire organization to discover the power of great research. Provide access to past research, inform everyone about active projects & activities, create new ways to initiate research projects.

Why use Great Question?

There are plenty of great reasons why Great Question is the tool you need to supercharge your customer research.

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Recruit with confidence

Use custom landing pages to quickly onboard customers into your research panel, or invite candidates via beautifully styled emails.

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Respect customers' privacy

Manage consent when customers join your panel or participate in a study. Configure safeguards to ensure that no one is overcontacted or overpolled.


Talk to the right candidate

Build rich profiles on your candidates to make them discoverable for relevant research: from demographic data, to product usage, and self-reported surveys.


Remove the guesswork

Guide your team to follow best practices with templates, scripts, and collateral to simplify and standardize your processes, even when you’re not there.


Automate the busy work

We handle the repetitive tasks from scheduling, reminders, incentives and reporting. Spend less time doing ops, more time doing research.


Capture your findings

Collect insights and observations as you conduct all your research, then collate the findings into shareable reports that are easily customizable.


Get your team involved

Keep everyone up to date with your findings with email digests, observer accounts, and integrations into your workflow.


Make research visible

Get a birds-eye view of all the research going on to keep a pulse on what's being learned and who is being talked to.


Scale and democratize research

Help everyone in your team answer their greatest questions, while keeping track of how it’s done to maintain your standards.

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