Ad Recall Survey Template

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What is an ad recall survey?

Ad recall surveys evaluate what people remember after seeing an advertisement. They should be sent after an audience has been exposed to an advertisement to evaluate the effectiveness (typically within 2 days). Ad recall surveys are generally used in conjunction with data analytics to build a deep understanding of the advert performance. They are also often used where data analytics are indicating an issue with the advertisement and you need to find out what is causing the problem.

Questions you can answer with an ad recall survey

What advertising channels are working?

What do people remember about our advertisements?

What messages are resonating with customers?

Advantages of ad recall surveys

Develop quick understanding of channel effectiveness

Can provide ideas for additional advertising

Insight into message stickiness

Disadvantages of ad recall surveys

May be difficult to find correct audience (they must have seen the advertisement)

Should be used in conjunction with marketing data on the various ad platforms

Might end up with biased audience (only those that remember seeing the ads)

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