Competitive Evaluation Interview Template

What is it that they have that we don't have?
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What is a competitive evaluation interview?

Competitor evaluation interviews explore what other products or services people are comparing yours against when making a decision. They are especially useful when run in conjunction with a competitive benchmark survey. The survey will do a great job of telling you what people think, use the interview to find out why that is. This is especially powerful when investigating a result from the survey that isn’t expected or generally not understood.

Questions you can answer with a competitive evaluation

Who are my competitors?

Why do we lose deals to competitors?

What features do my competitors have that we should consider?

Advantages of competitive evaluations

Develop deeper competitive intel

Build a relationship with customers using competitive products

Identify product/service gaps

Disadvantages of competitive evaluations

Difficult to find participants

Hesitancy to reveal competitor capabilities

Should be paired with a competitive benchmark survey, which can take more time

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