Content Test Survey Template

Did we get our message across?
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What is a content test survey?

A content test survey enables the evaluation of how successful pieces of content are at communicating the intended message. Content tests can be run during content development or once the content is live to optimize how it is understood. These surveys are especially useful when you know a piece of content is failing but aren't sure why. For instance, maybe a help article is generating lots of calls from people who should be able to find the answer to their question in the article. To evaluate how people understand the content, they first need to read it. After they’ve read it, present questions to evaluate their understanding. If you have lots of small pieces of content to test you could put them all into a single survey and have a set of questions about each. If you’re evaluating a longer piece of content, keep it to a single piece of content for each survey.

Questions you can answer with a content test survey

Did our message resonate?

Why is this content not working?

Did we achieve our messaging goals?

Advantages of content test surveys

Uncovers misalignment in messages

Can surface additional messages/values

Offers new perspectives on messages

Disadvantages of content test surveys

Qualitative feedback can take time to review

Might also require interviews

Responses can be subjective

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