Efficiency Interview Template

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What is an efficiency interview?

Efficiency interviews explore the detailed steps or processes involved with using a product or service. They are most effective when the interview participant uses the product or service as part of the interview to walk through each step and discuss the process with the researcher. The aim being to identify redundant or confusing steps that cause inefficiencies in the product.

Questions you can answer with an efficiency interview

How efficient is the product or service?

What processes or other systems do users of the product interact with?

How can we optimize the product to better suit the needs of users in complex environments?

Advantages of efficiency interviews

Able to identify deep understanding of how the product is used in complex environments

Identify areas of inefficiencies within the product

Explores how systems and process could work together to meet user needs

Disadvantages of efficiency interviews

Very time intensive to conduct the interviews and if participants use the product very differently analyzing the outcome can be difficult.

Doesn’t explore potential solutions or concepts to resolve issues, this method only understands the current state.

In environments with high levels of security permission to conduct efficiency interviews can be lengthy to obtain.

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