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Description of the method

Logo Test Surveys explore people's opinions of your logo concepts to ensure it portrays the message you intend. These surveys are typically run during the logo development period to gather feedback on concept logos. Depending on the number of questions you have for each logo concept you may be able to compare multiple logos in the same survey, however, keep to a maximum of 3 for the most reliable responses. If you have several questions and want to explore logo concepts in-depth it’s worth running multiple surveys, all that use the same questions but focus on different logo concepts.

What Great Questions can you answer?

What logo style is working?

Does this logo represent our brand?

What logo do people prefer?

Strengths of the method

Get feedback early before you spend money putting your logo everywhere

Helps set direction in a way that’s user focused and not stakeholder focused

Simple to setup and analyze results

Disadvantages of the method

Focuses exclusively on the opinions of participants which may be skewed

Time consuming to get the data and analyze results

Highly subjective subject matter

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