Moderated Usability Testing Template

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What is moderated usability testing?

Moderated usability testing involves the research participant using the product or service (or have seen prototypes or mockups) to complete realistic activities or tasks as if they were using the product for real. The researcher observes the participant in real time as they use the product, capturing details of their behavior and listening for feedback. An advantage of moderated usability testing is that the researcher can ask the participant questions in real time as they are using the product. This enables a deep understanding to be achieved around why a participant is behaving in a certain way.

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When the method should be used:

Usability testing is generally used once the product concept has been defined and the detailed user interface is being developed. The aim is to uncover potential issues with the product design and discover opportunities to improve the product before it’s released. It’s also a valuable tool when a product is live and you want to optimize aspects of it.

Moderated usability testing specifically should be used when interaction and conversation between the researcher and participant is required. This is generally used to collect qualitative information around why a participant has behaved in a certain way, why they think something or where clarification on a subject is required.


Questions you can answer with a moderated usability test

How easy is our product to use?

How long will it take someone to use our product?

What parts of our product will confuse people?

Advantages of moderated usability testing

Evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of your product

Identify likely issues with your product design

Understand how people are likely to use your product

Disadvantages of moderated usability testing

Time intensive to conduct

Participants can behave differently in a research environment to their real one

Sample size will be small

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