Path to Purchase Survey Template

How did they make that purchase decision?
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What is a path to purchase survey?

Path to purchase surveys build understanding around how customers make a purchase decision. These surveys are used when optimizing an existing purchase journey to ensure that the journey meets the needs of the customers with the aim of increasing conversions. They can also be used when designing a new purchase journey to understand what’s most important for customers. The data collected through these surveys is especially powerful when combined with customer journey mapping as they provide quantitative evidence for each step in the journey.

Questions you can answer with a path to purchase survey

How do our customers make purchases?

What should we focus on in the purchase process?

Who are our competitors?

Advantages of path to purchase surveys

Capable of collecting large volumes of data quickly

Relatively simple to setup, collect and analyze data

Broad range of data can be collected with a single survey

Disadvantages of path to purchase surveys

Can be difficult to generate a depth of understanding as survey questions are fixed for all participants. Consider pairing your survey with an interview to generate deeper insights.

Responses are biased towards people motivated to complete the survey.

Respondents may misunderstand questions and provide inaccurate answers.

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