Persona interview

And here I thought we knew each other
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Description of the method

Persona Interviews aim to build an understanding of users, what they are trying to achieve and what challenges they encounter. Persona Interviews are best run alongside persona surveys to understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ that’s learned from the survey. Persona interviews are best run at the beginning of the design process to build understanding and empathy for the users.

What Great Questions can you answer?

Who are the people that use our tool?

What are some of the challenges they encounter during their day to day lives?

How might our solution make their lives easier?

Strengths of the method

Building a deep understanding of the target audience or user base.

Identify opportunities to address challenges faced by specific personas

Insights gathered can support multiple internal efforts: product roadmap, marketing messaging, sales training, etc.

Disadvantages of the method

Doesn't collect data from large volumes of people

Time intensive to collect

Analysis of data can be difficult especially if many participants had different or contracting views

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