Persona Survey

Who are these people you consider customers?
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Description of the method

Persona Surveys aim to build an understanding of the users, what they are trying to achieve and what challenges they encounter. Persona Surveys are best run alongside persona interviews to understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ that’s learned from the survey. Persona interviews are best run at the beginning of the design process to build understanding and empathy for the users.

What Great Questions can you answer?

Who are these people we call customers?

What are the demographics of our customers or prospects?

Who do our customers compare us against?

Strengths of the method

Capable of collecting large volumes of data quickly

Relatively simple to setup, collect and analyze data

Broad range of data can be collected with a single survey

Disadvantages of the method

Can be difficult to generate a depth of understanding as survey questions are fixed for all participants. Consider pairing your survey with an interview to generate deeper insights.

Respondents may misunderstand questions and provide inaccurate answers.

Responses are biased towards people motivated to complete the survey.

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