Preference test survey

Which is better?
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Description of the method

A preference test survey presents variations of the subject, asking questions around the variations and ultimately having the participant choose a preference. You can run preference testing on designs, mockups, content, logos, styles or anything where you can present variations and ask for people's opinions.

What Great Questions can you answer?

Which style direction should we go in?

What tone of voice is most appropriate?

Which design variation should we go with?

Strengths of the method

Brings user opinions into early stage decision making

Helps set direction in a way that’s user focused and not stakeholder focused

Simple to setup and analyze results

Disadvantages of the method

Does not reflect real world usage because participants aren’t using the product for real

Focuses exclusively on the opinions of participants and not behaviors

The variations are often presented out of context as it’s not possible to preference test an entire product

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