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What is prototype testing?

Prototype testing involves sharing an early stage concept prototype or wireframes with your target audience on a device they would use. The research is effective at validating the viability of a concept or feature early in product development. It’s common for a single prototype to include multiple features and concepts to test. Having all features in one prototype helps gather insight around importance and usefulness which is valuable when making prioritization decisions.

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Questions you can answer with a prototype test

Would this concept be useful to users?

What features are most important?

Which of our ideas are not needed?

Advantages of prototype testing

Evaluate features at a conceptual level before investing too much effort in developing them

Prioritize multiple features or concepts against each other

Using a prototype product often gains deeper insight than just talking about a feature or concept in an interview

Disadvantages of prototype testing

Does not evaluate the interface design, only the ideas and concepts represented.

The prototype can sometime mislead participants if it’s not accurate enough

Some participants can get distracted by small details of the prototype which makes discussing the higher level concepts challenging.

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