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True Intent Survey Template

Did they get what they came for?
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What is a true intent survey?

True intent surveys invite live users of the product to provide real-time feedback on their experience. This is often achieved with a pop-up modal asking the user to answer a few questions. They aim to build an understanding of who is using the product, what they are trying to achieve and evaluate how successful the product was in enabling the user to complete their goals.

Pro Tip: True Intent surveys are also excellent for gathering contact details of users that could participate in other research methods. Simply add a question at the end asking if they would like to take part in further research and ask for some contact details.

Questions you can answer with a true intent survey

Why are people coming to the product?

Are people able to complete the task they came here to do?

How can we optimize the experience?

Advantages of true intent surveys

Real users provide feedback in real time whilst using the product

Easy method for recruiting a breadth of user types

Relatively easy to setup and analyze the results

Disadvantages of true intent surveys

Participants self evaluate whether the product was successful or not

Interrupting a live user mid-journey can cause annoyance. Try to ensure the intercept is delivered as late in the journey as possible.

When the product has low usage, it can take a long time to collect responses

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