Validation interview

Am I right, or am I right?
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Description of the method

Validation interviews are used to evaluate proposed solutions to an understood problem space. The solutions are explained or presented to the participant to gauge their reaction and explore the likely effectiveness of solving the problem. The interviews discuss the solution as a concept and explore how it could be improved.

What Great Questions can you answer?

Would the product solve the problem we think it might?

Which of our potential product ideas should we focus on?

What would make our product concept better?

Strengths of the method

Bring feedback into the early stage product concept development

Quickly understand if a product concept doesn’t solve the problem

Evaluate different product concepts for solving a problem

Disadvantages of the method

Participants are required to imagine how a product would help them. The reality may be different to their expectations.

Will not evaluate how easy or difficult the solution is to use. Consider usability evaluation to achieve this.

Sample size will be small due to the qualitative nature of interviews. Consider pairing interviews with a survey to backup your findings with quantitative data.

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