Customer research is faster with a single solution

Thereasa Roy
October 24, 2021
Customer research is faster with a single solution

MainStreet helps software, hardware, and venture-backed startups claim tax credits most accountants never claim. In the short time they’ve been supporting small businesses and startups, they’ve saved over $100M for more than 1,000 customers.

Stemming from the company's belief that startups and founders have shaped America's economic landscape for the better, MainStreet's committed to helping all 30 million+ businesses in the US get back what they're owed so they can keep pushing us forward.

Great companies start with great customer research

With it's mission in mind, MainStreet relies on customer research to develop and evolve it's best-in-class tax credit solution. With the help of Great Question, Jillian Berger, Head of UX Research, is able to build, launch and recruit customers to participate in studies within minutes.

“It’s crucial for our UX research team to be able to make informed design decisions. Great Question takes care of all the logistics around our research needs, allowing us to spend more time talking to and learning from our customers.”

Life Before: Too many tools for customer research

Before Great Question, Jillian had jumped between multiple tools for a single research project- from managing a panel of customers to designing a survey, conducting interviews, and manually sending out incentives. This took hours, limiting the number of studies and customer insights her team could support and gather each week.

Why Great Question

By centralizing operations in a single customer research platform, Jillian is able to build a panel of customers, design a survey, run interviews, deliver incentives, and launch a study in 5-7 minutes. She’s able to manage more UX research projects, which helps MainStreet's design and product teams work even faster to deliver on their customer expectations.

Research Operations at MainStreet:

  1. Recruiting Participants: With features like fast list imports, screener questions, personalized emails, and custom landing pages all in Great Question, it’s easy to recruit a customer panel in minutes. All outreach is personalized with MainStreet’s branding, so customers aren’t surprised to see an email invite or a landing page requesting participation.
  2. Scheduling interviews: With more than one researcher handling interviews, complex calendaring historically meant using a standalone tool. Now, with Great Question, setting up team calendars is part of the study creation process, so multiple researchers can see when interviews are booked and can collaborate seamlessly.
  3. Paying incentives: Sending incentives after a customer completes a study was nearly the most painful step of the research process for MainStreet. With customers all across North America that have different reward preferences, it was difficult to pick a single incentive that would work for everyone.  Now, customers can pick what they want from gift cards, to product discounts and charitable donations right from within Great Question.

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