Introducing Great Question AI, now in beta

Every great researcher deserves a great sidekick. Level up your synthesis and streamline research operations with Great Question AI.

Jack Wolstenholm
April 8, 2024
Introducing Great Question AI, now in beta

Qualitative research often involves assembling and analyzing hundreds of pages of rich interview data.

Stored as transcripts, this data is an immense challenge to search through and make sense of. But what if there was a way to streamline this process, spending less time on the grunt work of sifting through transcripts and more time interpreting and acting on insights?

Large Language Models (LLMs) are poised to transform the way we do qualitative customer research. LLMs are adept at ingesting and understanding vast volumes of textual information in seconds. In the near future, AI will do much of the low-level heavy lifting, enabling researchers to dedicate more time to analyzing and applying the insights gained.

Introducing your research sidekick

Today, we’re releasing in beta an advanced suite of AI features designed to level up your research synthesis and analysis. Like having your own research assistant, Great Question AI fits seamlessly into your workflow to help you summarize and extract insights from entire studies, while meeting high standards for transparency and privacy.

Key Features

Ask AI

With Ask AI, you can query entire studies with up to 50 hours of interview data in seconds. Ask for specific quotes, insights, answers to questions, or a custom summary or report in any format you like. This is an absolute game-changer, making it easier than ever to locate and extract valuable insights from your research studies.

AI-Assisted Synthesis

Every time you complete an interview, Great Question's AI-Assisted Synthesis can automatically generate a detailed summary, chapters, highlights, and tags so you can hit the ground running. Use it as a way to write the first draft of your research reports, or get up to speed with research you aren’t familiar with in seconds.

Privacy & Traceability

Every quote surfaced by the AI is linked back to the original transcript, so you can trust the accuracy of responses and quickly jump to the right moment in the conversation. PII is never exposed to AI, so your data stays safe and will never be used by third parties for training future models.

Seamless Integration

Ask AI is designed to fit naturally into your existing research processes, not change them. A collapsible sidebar allows for uninterrupted interaction with the AI as you work within Great Question, streamlining the process of saving and sharing AI responses, creating tagged highlights, and collaborating with colleagues.

What's next?

We’re only getting started. Upcoming features include: 

  • Ask AI for surveys: Pull insights, quotes, and summaries from survey results that you can easily share with your team.
  • Repository-level queries: Search your company’s entire body of research. Easily find customer quotes and see what your team has learned from past studies.
  • Richer responses: View in-line video clips in responses, with one click to generate new reels. Detailed citations are provided for every response.

Jack is the Content Marketing Lead at Great Question, the end-to-end UX research platform for customer-centric teams. Previously, he led content marketing and strategy as the first hire at two insurtech startups, Breeze and LeverageRx. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

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