Introducing Observer Rooms: The best way to watch live customer research

Jack Wolstenholm
March 28, 2023
Introducing Observer Rooms: The best way to watch live customer research

Research is the fastest way to understand your customers’ problems. Naturally, you want to invite your team so they can hear the voice of the customer firsthand and make smarter product decisions.

But inviting observers can easily run your research off the rails. Participants may become nervous or distracted by a live audience coming and going, while moderators are hassled with creating separate meeting links and enforcing privacy guardrails.

It’s a bad experience for everyone. So we fixed it.

How Great Question Observer Rooms work

Until now, research moderators had to create separate meeting links for each team member they wanted to invite in order to protect the customer’s PII. It was a huge hassle.

Great Question Observers Rooms make it easy to invite more team members to watch live customer interviews without overwhelming participants or creating more admin work. To set up an Observer Room, simply toggle on “observers” while creating your study in Great Question. Then you’re able to add as many observers as you like, with unique calendar and video conferencing links automatically being sent to each. (But you don’t have to – your team can simply click the Observer Rooms link on your calendar to join as observers.)

When the live interview starts, a recording notification appears for the participant requesting their approval. Once approved, the conversation is transcribed in real-time to help observers follow along and see what they missed if they join the interview late.

Research participants are subtly notified if other team members are viewing the interview instead of inundating them with every new face that joins. Great Question Observer Rooms integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams so you can easily connect the tools you already use.

Why cross-functional teams love Observer Rooms

Great Question Observer Rooms is a powerful feature for researchers because it makes it easy to get more folks involved in customer research. No extra links or calendar invites. Just toggle on Observer Rooms.

"Observer live streams are such a great way to involve more stakeholders in interviews, without overwhelming participants,” said Liza Pemstein, Research Operations Manager at Clever.

Observer Rooms lower the barrier to entry for cross-functional stakeholders who need customer research to make decisions, like product managers, designers, engineers, and marketers. They don’t have to schedule and conduct research themselves – they can simply drop into any live interview without interrupting to observe. As long as the participant consent form has been signed, they can join whenever they want without needing to be let in by the moderator.

“Product managers and other people who do research can essentially do continuous research without scheduling it. They just drop in and go,” said Thereasa Roy, Head of Marketing at Great Question.

Observer rooms are especially useful because they reduce the friction associated with customer research, ensuring UX research becomes a foundational part of product culture. Additional benefits of Observers Rooms include:

  • No extra apps: You don’t need to download another app to be able to observe research. Observer Rooms livestream customer interviews via your video conferencing tool of choice, whether it’s Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams.
  • Consent from the start: Participants don’t see the observers, but they’re notified the video will be shown to others, and must agree to this in order to proceed. Everyone is informed before streaming starts.
  • Auto-transcriptions: All interviews are transcribed in Great Question, so you can quickly analyze and synthesize findings from the interview. This streamlines research analysis, helping you to make better product decisions, faster.
  • Unified platform: Observer rooms are just one cool part of Great Question’s unified platform. You can also recruit participants, conduct your research method of your choice, send global incentives, synthesize results, and share what you learn – all in one place. This makes it easier to leverage data throughout the product development process.

Get started with Great Question for free today. 

(And when you set up your first customer interview, toggle on Observer Rooms and let us know what you think.)

Jack is the Content Marketing Lead at Great Question, the end-to-end UX research platform for customer-centric teams. Previously, he led content marketing and strategy as the first hire at two insurtech startups, Breeze and LeverageRx. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

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